T-Duke23 Maximum efficiency. Minimum costs. So much morethan just an Autoclave Let me take care of the sterilization process while you take care of your patients! Your skills are needed in the clinic and your time is of the essence. That's why I want to free you up.


• Compliance with strict international standards

• Clinically proven sterilization capabilities

• High-resolution tactile touchpad

• Innovative original technology

• Simple-to-use interface

• Chic design

• Great user experience


- Optimal chamber capacity (more than 80%), with 5 extra-long trays
- Convenient and easy loading with door opening to 110º
- Assorted water filling and drainage methods, even if autoclave is placed
inside a cabin (top, front or automatic)
- Fast cycle time, including sterilization and comprehensive drying
- Range of automatic one-button programs, including test programs
- User-friendly touchpad and control panel for displaying programs,
cycles times, water levels and more
- Advanced documentation and traceability options and barcode
- Remote Wi-Fi operating via smartphone or tablet

My increased chamber capacityand decreased cycle time means minimized costs for your clinic